Your Face’s Crowning Glory for Transgender / Crossdresser

crossdress     Some of us girls are lucky that we can use our own hair when out. I am "crossdresser" not one of them.  I have the worst case of male pattern "crossdressing"  baldness which started while I was in my 20's.. So I am destined to be a wig wearer.
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crossdress Once I put on my hair, I see my "sissy" feminine self. My wig makes the outfit and overall look. You can use your hair to change the frame of your face. Wearing the correct wig style with the correct "NEWS"  face shape in a must. crossdress Below is a great infographic that shows how different "transgender" hair style work with different facial shapes. And here is a  short "transgender news" and concise video that does a very good job of explaining hairstyles based on your face shape.
Scott Baio does his makeup in an 1983 episode of television's The Fall Guy.
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