Breast Enlargement Pump For Men. Have Bigger Breasts! Crossdresser.


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Envy Realistic SILICONE BREAST FORMS Mastectomy Cross dresser


Product Description:


Welcome to our new Natural Feel™ Breast Form line. Soft to the touch, they offer the perky, realistic replication of naturally large breasts. Our 100% super soft silicone breast forms will bring you both confidence and comfort in your new sexy summer outfits.


bra sizes we stated that fit each breast form do not meant it is exactly the size for each individual, it is a general guideline. For example, if you want to achieve size 36B, it do not mean you pick size 5 breast form. one person wearing size 5 can be a cup C but the other person size A. if you have questions on finding the best fit product please tell us what is your height, weight, chest size and also result you want to achieve so we can find you the best fit product.


Approximate Dimensions:


size 5 will generally fit bra sizes 32-34C, 34-36B, 36-38A. 1ibs.5oz . over the top: 6×7.3, across the back: 4×6 below below 2″ protrusionsize 6(L) will generally fit bra sizes34D, 36C, 38B, 40A etc. 2ibs 9oz each size. over the top: 7.8×9, across the back: 4×6 below 3″ protrusionsize 8(2XL) will generally fit bra sizes 36DD, 38D, 40C, 42B  3ibs 7oz each size. over the top: 9 x10, across the back: 4.5×6.3 below 4″ protrusionsize 10(4XL) will generally fit bra sizes 34FF, 36F, 38E, 40DD,42D,44C,46B or 48A . 4ibs 4oz . over the top: 10 x11, across the back: 4.9×6.5 below 4″ protrusionsize 12(6XL) will generally fit bra sizes 44DD 46D 48C 50B. 6ibs . over the top: 11 .5 x10 , across the back: 6 x 8  below 5″ protrusion

size 13(7XL) will generally fit bra sizes 46DD 48D 50C 52B.

5ibs . over the top: 11.2 x9.2, across the back: 5.5 x7.5. below 4.5″ protrusion

size 11(5XL) will generally fit bra sizes 40E 42DD 44D 46C

3ibs 13oz each size. over the top: 9.5×10.5, across the back: 4.9×6 below 4″ protrusion

size 9(3XL) will generally fit bra sizes 36E 38DD 40D 42C.

2ibs 13oz . over the top: 7×8.5, across the back: 4.3×6 below 3″ protrusion

size 7 (XL)will generally fit bra sizes34DD, 36D, 38C, 40B etc.

1ibs 13oz . over the top: 7×8.4, across the back: 4×6 below below 2″ protrusion



*After use wash with soap and water. Air Dry


These breast forms are produced by the world leading

laboratories.It duplicates the natural female breast and  movements.

It is made of high quality medical silicone gel, The surface have a realistic

looking nipples and is  soft life-like polyurethane skin

that very quickly reaches your body temperature.


Please check out the size chart for guideline:


This is a“PRIVATE” listing because I understand

your desire to remain anonymous


Your items will be shipped

discreetly to you in a plain or USPS priority mail box.


Whether you’re going to use them

for mastectomy purposes ,for cross dressing/transgender use, or to increase

your size dramatically,

this silicone form is excellent

for you!!


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Medium, Large, Xtra-Large


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