Girls’ Night Out


Friday evening, I had dinner with three women I used to work with: my former manager and supervisor and J, the executive assistant who invited me to the company Christmas party and responded to my RSVP with "Awesome, Sandy."

I don't have to tell you who was wearing a dress and who was wearing pants. In fact, I was the only person in the restaurant wearing a dress!

Although my friends were dressed more sensibly for the weather (snow flurries with temperatures in there low 20's), they gushed over my appearance. J said I looked "amazing."

I had to know about J's Sandy reference, so I asked her if she knew I was trans. She replied matter-of-factly, "Of course!"

My follow-up question was if Stan or Stana was invited to the company Christmas party? She said I could attend in whatever way I felt most comfortable.

So that settles that!

Speaking of comfort, I intended to wear my new white booties. I slipped them on, but after 15 minutes, my right foot's big toe was in pain. I took the bootie off to investigate and I thought that the seam of my thigh highs was the cause. I adjusted the seam so it was not under my big toe, put the bootie back on, but the pain persisted.

The bootie came off and on again a few times to readjust the hosiery, but I could not solve the source of the pain. By the way, my left foot's big toe was a happy camper in her bootie.

I did not have any toe cushions to try to relieve the pain, so I gave up and switched to the Christian Siriano high heel pumps you see me wearing in the accompanying photo. They are beautiful shoes, but I had not had an occasion to wear them out yet and after my big toe issue, I was a little concerned about the shoe's 4.5-inch heel.

Turned out that they were very comfortable and the very high heel was not an issue. I wore them all night long and did not switch to flats for the drive home. (By the way, people are amazed that I can drive a manual transmission vehicle while wearing high heels!)

(To be continued.)

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